As the cold weather brings us indoors, it's the perfect opportunity for tackling some of those indoor home improvement projects on your checklist.  Whether you're painting, remodeling, finishing your basement or tackling another type of undertaking, we can help!

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Alexander Managers

Sep 26, 2014

Our managers recently met in Aurora for our annual inventory meeting, and we managed to get this great photo! 

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The Alexander Lumber Company Board of Directors are pleased to announce Russell Kathrein as our new Chief Executive Officer and President, effective September 15, 2014.

We believe Russ' extensive lumber industry experience and connections, coupled with his energy and vision, will enable him to build upon Alexander Lumber's legacy of success and being a trusted partner in the markets it serves, and lead the company to a profitable and prosperous future.



  • Thanks for all your help!!!

    I appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to help me, you were definitely the missing puzzle piece to link everything together!  And if you talk to John, please thank him also, and tell him I still tell stories about the tremendous job he did on the siding job. I'm hard to please, but he exceeded my expectations, and that's extremely rare.

    Greg DeWald//Elkhorn, WI

  •    1st official night at North Lake! Thank you for your help, patience, referrals, & most of all friendship, (love of design, decorating, house stuff, bull dogs, pink, & little piggies! Haha!)

     I treasure you & am thankful for all the workers that became our friends in the process! I love them all!
     Thank you!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!   Look forward to the next project!! :0)

    Kim Doyle//Oconomowoc, WI

  • I've been a long time customer of Alexander Lumber Company. The lumber, service, and advice is top quality.  Also, they will cut and size your lumber.  A service you don't often get at other yards.

    Alan Collubrusco Construction

  • Thank You and your team for your patience, service, product and dedication to our project.

    CHIP BULSON // Owner, Golf Rose Properties

  • Mark Tyson Construction was working on a remodel for a customer. The customer was specifically looking for RTA brand cabinets. We were not able to get that brand of cabinets, but we were able to get Schrock Trademark cabinets.

    I was able to put together a quote for the customer that matched the same specifications that they were looking for in the RTA cabinets.

    Between the contractor, the customer and I we were able to come up with a design that matched what they were looking for and in the price range they desired.

    HEATHER THOMAS // Manager, Rushville Location


Alexander Lumber Co. is a family owned company with more than 100 years of experience serving public and commercial customers in Illinois and Wisconsin with 19 retail locations. We welcome the new customers that have joined us in Illinois with the merger of Hundman Lumber. In Wisconsin, Alexander Lumber  has 3 retail locations with a Sales office in Twin Lakes Wisconsin.

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